My Blogging Rules and Why I Do It

Creators and bloggers can and should live together in peace as they are a help to each other in a mutually rewarding relationship. Creators produce the items and bloggers do the promotional legwork.

I understand some designers have had their fingers burnt from the mass bloggers out there getting review items and then never blogging it. To me this isn't blogging. I am not one of those people. I believe that if I'm fortunate to receive the efforts of your hard work then they deserve to be given a platform to the world.

I blog because I enjoy it. It's a relaxing hobby and one I get satisfaction from.
I blog to try and help people in SL promote their designs, creations, events and stores.
I never have and never will blog something I don't like. Personal tastes are important to me.
I do accept review copies but I don't rank anyone who is generous enough to give me products above anyone else. That's not fair.
I buy many things myself, because I like to write about stores and designers who I'm not affiliated with.
I will never have 'sponsors', no designer owns me and no designer pays me. If i like your products, I will spend the time and effort to create a worthy blog post.
Rather than signing up to rules when applying to a bloggers list, I give my word that I will do the very best job I can to showcase your things in the best light. We can't always meet deadlines etc. due to commitments and events in real life and it's unfair to ask us to have to do that. ( If I apply for something it is because I know I can commit to the rules at sign-up)
If I ask for a review item I will up hold my end of the agreement. After all, you've been generous to give me an item for free and I appreciate it.
Just because I haven't blogged a store doesn't mean I don't like it, it means I cant afford to buy everything I want. Now, where did I put that Lotto ticket?
I will not list all the stores I 'blog for' as it makes some think I am only doing it because I was given it and that hurts the designer. As I said, this is a hobby and I blog what I like.
If you send an unsolicited item to review I will look at it without any promises to blog.
I never photoshop my pictures, what you see is what you get.
The day this stops being fun is the day I delete this blog.
Beu xx

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