Thursday, 13 April 2017

I Love A Good Hunt

Years ago in SL when there was  only about 3 events a year and  the odd store having a hunt running  I used to sit on a Sunday morning and go to one of them. Normally it was a hunt, I loved them and met so many fun people while looking. Hunts then got a bad name and seems to stop happening (at least with the cool stores). Now SL is full of events and I guess some people are getting fed up with them too. I say, pick your favourites and go to them. That's how I do it, I can't afford to go to everything even though I want to. 
Anyway all this rambling is to get to this - I found a bloody good hunt  - its run by Mad Pea and I got this mask from it. I need to show you some of the other stuff too. Its still on and runs until the 18th. So if you are off over Easter and looking for something different to do in SL, try having some fun doing a bloody good hunt.

mask -Bunny - gift on MadPea Hunt
for more hunt details  -

doll - I Love Spring by Les Sucreries De Fairy @ TP7
necklace - Bunny  (hunt item until 17th) @ Slipper

dress - Delia bt C'est La Vie @ The Season Story

mesh head applier - Hana @ [Luv;Ya]

mesh body applier - Basic tone , omega   [Luv;Ya]

hair - Shizuko by Wasabi Pills @ The Chapter Four

head - Catwa Lona (past exclusive) / body - Maitreya Lara 

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