Sunday, 28 August 2016

Space Cadet

Some of us oldies will remember starting school in the 70s, for me it was 1975. I remember one of the things we got asked was, 'what do you think the world will be like in 2020'. For some reason everything was space ships and silver. While visiting mum in hospital today it was being joked about with myself, husband (5 years older) and brother (2 years older) and they remembered the same thing in school and the draw it the same way. Funny now we are only a few years from 2020 and nothing much is different yet everything is. Yes we have mobile phones that carry so much  info it has our whole lives on there. We have the Internet  and yes I remember a life without it, please don't ask me to cope without it now though.The houses though are still pretty much the same other than en-suites. 
I wonder what the answer is from kids today if they got asked 'What do you think the world will be like in 50 years time?'   

hair - Pearl @ Entwined

dress - Leather Scrap @ Kaithleen's

boots - Gabrielle@

pose - The Ira Series @ An Lar Poses

tattoo - Yaloro @ .:AS:.

mesh head applier - Gaby @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head Catwa Alice / mesh body Maitreya Lara

Oh What A Night

I was looking at flickr and seem some folk had been to prom in SL. On one hand it looks fun and a great way to meet new people. Then again, the lag and little groups ca make it hard for an outsider to be part of it all. Just like in RL I rather be alone. In SL I take pics, blog, work as CSR for a store and help people when they need it. In RL I play with my dog, read and when at all possible grab some alone time. Not always easy when I am a carer for 2 people 24/7

necklace, earringss - Rosaline @ Moondance Boutique

pose - The Lady @ Black Tulip

hair - Berdie @ Damselfly

dress - Talking Body Dress @ Entice

eyeshadow - Charade @ Veechi

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier -Elena @ LAQ

mesh body applier -Fair @ LAQ

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Kiss My Sass !

Some days I want to take a picture and I know what I want to do, what I want to wear and the sim I want to go on - today was not one of those days. Then I visited The Yorkshire Dales and seen the sign and  a plan cam together. 

shoes  - Norma @ JamBee

hair -  Minah @ Elikatira

book - Planner @ Little Llama

dress - Strapless Ruffles @ Snowpaws

necklace - Hanna : Moondance Boutique

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier -Camille @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 1.0 @ LAQ

nails - MultiChrome @ Veechi

pose - SMiranda @ Elephante Poses

Friday, 26 August 2016

Look Behind You

My head is really scatty. Last blog post was all summer and bright and now its like something from Autumn. Wonder if I can find a snow sim . I am also loving this LAQ head more - Trinity was updated with more emotions to it. I find them more natural that some others. I am glad this  released, because there are so many heads  being made that if I hadn't found one I love I might have been a mesh head addict by now

dress - Leighton @ Reverie

belt bag - Saddle Belt @ The Forge

hair - Ashley @ enVOGUE

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier -Kate @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 1.0 @ LAQ

pose - Shy @ Elephante Poses

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I Want Summer Fun Again

I have family living in different parts around America. I was a baby when they moved but they come over to see family around once every other year, if not more. When  I was single I travelled around visiting them many times. The one place I loved best was Wilmington North Caroline. My brother is going over for a few weeks and to go to a family wedding and I wish I was going too. There is talk of him checking out the place to maybe move there, all our cousins are encouraging him to do it and I agree it wold be a brilliant thing for him. I am jealous though, I know I will never get that chance again. The best I can do is visit beach sims in SL, So that long ramble explains why I took this picture wearing wonderful summery stuff.

zipper binder - Star by Little Llama @ Color Me Cute Event

sunglasses - Tropez @ Baby Monkey

hair - Keona @ EMO-tions

outfit - Green Bouquet @ Luxe Paris

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Mima @ LAQ

mesh body applier - Fair @ LAQ

pose - The Noir Series @ An Lar Poses

nails - Mirror @ Veechi

Welcome To Burlesque

Show a little more,
Show a little less,
Add a little smoke
Welcome to Burlesque,
Everything you dream of,
But never can possess
Nothing's what it seems
Welcome to Burlesque,

pose  & prop - Teese Me  by Nantra @ Genre

earrings , bracelet, necklace - Lierre @ Moondance

hair & mask - Dangerous by Exile @ Collabor88

outfit - Versailles Fall by Bender @ Genre

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Mima @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 1Fair @ LAQ

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Turning Japanese ? Answers On A Postcard

I am wandering aimlessly in SL tonight. A little sad and a little drunk. Tonight I think I like this picture and I like what I have done, I hope I feel the same in the morning

head attachments - Nihon Gacha @ Ersch

hair - Serean @ Amacci

pose - The Still Series @ An Lar Poses

tattoo - Redo @ .:AS:.

dress - Floral by Kaithleen's @ Whimsical

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Freya @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 1.0 @ LAQ